Does Music Inspire You? Join Us!

Music is an amazing elixir. You can wake with a belly of anxiety about the day ahead or experience a challenging day and suddenly ‘that’ song hits your playlist and your head clears, your stress escapes and a smile springs to your face. We know. It happens to all of us – especially when we step on the risers together as brothers in song.

Every Thursday evening we leave the world behind and create incredible four-part harmony together. It’s a very special experience and an amazing brotherhood that is, frankly, hard to describe. You have to be there to understand. So, do that. Be there. Join us – join the Men of Independence, Northern Ohio’s premiere Men’s Barbershop Chorus. We love what we do…we love each other…and we love music. It inspires us. Check us out. We’ll be waiting for you.

Call: 440-372-1007 or email us at for information about our chorus and how you can join us for guest night Explore the incredible world of barbershop harmony. We believe you’ll discover what we have – it’s inspiring!