Chapter Quartets


Quorum is the reigning BHS International 4th place Bronze medalists! The quartet was formed and became an official Barbershop Harmony Society Quartet in 2014. Members include Nathan Johnston-Baritone, Chris Vaughn-Lead, Gary Lewis-Bass and Puck Ross-Tenor. Quorum finished in 5th place in the Barbershop Harmony Foundation’s International Quartet Contest in Las Vegas in July 2017 and 7th Place in July 2016 in Nashville. Gary Lewis (bass) has won gold three times in his barbershop career – first as the tenor of The Real Deal, winners of the Society’s MBNA Collegiate Quartet Contest in 1994 then as tenor with 2000 Champions, Platinum and again in 2007 as the baritone with Max Q. Gary, who is also the Director of the Men of Independence, was the first person to win a collegiate gold medal and go on to win SPEBSQSA International gold. He is also the only tenor/baritone double gold medalist. Chris Vaughn (lead) won international gold as a member of Gotcha in the SPEBSQSA 2004 competition in Louisville, Kentucky. Jacob “Puck” Ross (tenor) won gold in the Johnny Appleseed District’s quartet competition in 2006 as a member of The Allies. Nathan Johnston is a member of the two-time International Mixed Quartet Champions, Double Date.

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business was formed in August of 2015, to “finish some business” in Johnny Appleseed contests. So far, so good. After only 8 practices, this group finished 5th in the district fall contest of 2015! In the spring contest of 2016, they were named District Senior Quartet Champs, and in the fall contest of 2016, they moved up to 2nd position in the mighty JAD. Unfinished Business recently returned from San Antonio, where they represented our district in the International Seniors Competition. The top 25 best senior quartets in the world competed, and Unfinished Business won 4th place medals in their first International competition in 2017 and rose to 3rd in 2018. All 4 members are also members of the Gold medal Vocal Seniority chorus that finished first in the chorus competition in San Antonio. Members are Jeff Gehm – lead (and also bass in MOI), Bob Godot -bass, George Lepsch – baritone, and Dave McKinnon -tenor.


Speakeasy was formed in 2015 as a Barbershop Harmony Society quartet and has quickly captured the attention of barbershop enthusiasts with their mellow sound and unique style. Members include: Matt Cook-Tenor, Keith Parker, Jr. -Lead, Terry Keith-Bass and Kerry Conrad-Baritone. Speakeasy competed in the Fall 2016 Johnny Appleseed Division quartet contest in Cranberry, PA and captured their first medal (4th place). Their score earned them a bid to the BHS International stage in July 2017 where they finished 50th. And they added a Johnny Appleseed District Quartet District Championship this past October and qualified for the 2018 International Quartet competition in Orlando in July 2018, finishing 43rd! Kerry Conrad (baritone) won JAD gold in 2004 as a member of the quartet, Odds On.

The Tune Squad

In September 2014, four students at BGSU decided to audition to be in a barbershop quartet (Luke Schmidt-Baritone, Dean Moore-Bass, Quintin Bouillon-Lead and Tyler Dohar-Tenor). All of them were new to this genre of singing. The Tune Squad became a quartet and learned a few songs for Men’s Chorus concerts and tours. In December 2014 they competed in the Barbershop Harmony Society’s Collegiate Competition. That following April 2015 they competed in the JAD in April and finished 2nd in their first district contest! In the summer of 2016, they announced our first lineup changes. Jonathan Lang joined the quartet as Tenor. Tyler moved up Lead and Luke changed to Baritone. In 2017 The Tune Squad qualified for the International Youth Barbershop contest and finished 15th in the world! This past October Hot Air Buffoon, Mark Lang substituted for Luke Schmidt as the group’s baritone and they garnered a 5th place finish in the Johnny Appleseed District. In January they qualified for the 2018 BHS International NextGen Quartet contest and finished in 6th place in the world!

Wing It

The members of Wing It formed an instant bond through their passion for music while at Solon High School in Solon, Ohio (under the direction of Gary Lewis). The quartet formed in the fall of 2016 and competed in their first Johnny Appleseed District contest in the Fall of 2017, reaching the finals and winning the 2017 Novice Quartet Championship. In January 2018 they qualified for the BHS International NextGen Quartet competition, establishing them as one of the top 20 youth quartets in the world. They finished 17th in the world in their first International contest! They were the youngest competing quartet in the contest, bringing tremendous energy and enthusiasm to the stage in every performance. If you’re curious about their name – it’s borne in the vocal range of all four members; uniquely able to sing any/all parts whenever they perform. Wing It includes: Kyle Fisher (tenor), Brandon Zlotnik (lead), Giovanni Castiglione (bass) and Hollis Wilson (baritone).